Treckking is often dengerous.

Therefore,You should check below at least.

  1. You’re equipping a trekking boots and wearing warm clothes enough which can dry your sweat quickly

  2. You’re bringing rainwear for climbing.

  3. You’re wearing a wristwatch.

  4. You’re bringing the map for climbing.

  5. You posted ‘Hiking registration’ (name、itinerary、emergency contact、etc.)to vistor center which You should visit .Hiking registration

  6. You should better buy insurance for climbing.

  7. You’re having food enough in your backpack for climbing.

  8. You should check the transportation in advance for returning to your hotel.especially,Bus time table or taxi.

  9. You need to secure time enough to climb down.Therefore,You should plan to climb your safe root in good time.

  10. You need to check the weather in advance.In inclement climate,You may not climb.

  11. You must not push yourself too hard when you injured or you’re not feeling good.Climb down quickly.

To climb carefully and safely will make you happy!!

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