Mt.chokai is called Mt.Fuji of Akita

I’m Shinya from tokyoclimb

I went hiking with my friend at Mt.Chokai on 29th of October.

Mt.Chokai is on the border between Yamagata and Akita.

Altitude is  2,236m

On this day , We headed for Mt.Chokai from Kisakata(象潟)route.

Date 29/10/2019

Mt.Chokai with red leaves was so amazing and attracted us.

What is Mt.Chokai?

【Detailed information】
Trailhead:Hokodate (There are other 8 route in Mt.Chokai.)
Location:Ymagata prefecture , Akita prefecture.
Parking:Hokodate Parking
Parking fee:Free available 300 cars /equipped with toilet
Access:Tohoku Expressway→Yamagata Expressway→Nihonkai Tohoku Expressway Sakata Minato IC→National Route 7→Chokai Blue Line→Hokodate hut
course time:9H/round trip(Outward 5H00m・Homeward 4H)
attention : You have to bring crampon in winter season and Your car have to equip snow tire if you drive.
You should be sure you give yourself extra time because there may be snow on the ground.
*The Chokai Blue Line that leads to the Hokodate trailhead is being closed during winter season from 5th of Nov 2019 to end of April 2020. Therefore You’ll not be able to go to Mt.Chokai through this route until next May.Chokai Blue Line
All mountain hut of Mt.Chokai doesn’t open in winter.
Anyway , As Mt.Chokai is coverd with snow , It is too dangerous to climb in winter season.

A mountain climbing registration form must be submit certainly in compass to respond more quickly when you get lost in the mountain.
And You have to bring a map for climb.
These are most importantly.

Time from base to summit

00:00 Hokodate Trailhead
01:20 SainoKawara
02:00 Ohama hut
03:00 Shimekake
04:40 Omuro
05:00 Shinzan(summit)
00:00 Shinzan(summit)
00:20 Omuro
01:40 Shimekake
02:30 Ohama hut
03:00 SainoKawara
04:00Hokodate Trailhead


From Tokyo To Hokodate Trailhead(By car)

Ride on Tohoku Expressway→Yamagata Expressway→Nihonkai Tohoku Expressway and get off with Sakata Minato IC.

You should head for National Route 7→Chokai Blue Line which leads to Hokodate hut

It takes about 7 or 8 hours.

From Tokyo To Hokodate Trailhead(By Express Bus)

I suggest to take Express Chokai Bus (Ugo Kotsu) from Tokyo st to Kisakata st.

You can buy the ticket by phone. 0182-32-9500

You need to buy the ticket by 4 days ago at least or You may not ride on it.

Round trip ticket is available with ¥ 16,240 per a person.(as of October 2019)

The website is here

DEP 21:20 Tokyo St(Yaesu South Exit)
ARR 05:15 Kisakata St.
DEP 22:20 Kisakata St.
ARR 06:15 Tokyo St(Nihonbashi Exit).
*As of October 2019

After arrived Kisakata Station , I suggest to take the Chokai blue lineer bus.

You have to reserve to take the Chokai blue lineer in advance.

You can reserve it from here

One way ticket is available with ¥ 3,000 per a person.(as of October 2019)

Chokai blue line bus is only available from May to Oct and (October is available only 1st , 2nd weekend)

DEP 06:20 (from May to Sep) 08:15 (Oct 1st/2nd weekend)Kisakata St.
ARR 06:55 (from May to Sep) 08:50 (Oct 1st/2nd weekend)Hokodate Trailhead
DEP 16:20 Hokodate Trailhead
ARR 17:00 Kisakata St.
*As of October 2019

website is here

Kisakata Godo Taxi TEL 0184-43-2030

Get started Hiking

My hiking got started from Hokodate trailhead at 8:30 AM.

The easy stone path stretches out.

The weather gradually improved from our start. I’m always exited whenever I think about hiking on such a sunny day.


It’s a 5 minutes walk from Hokodate trailhead to the lookout.

Our purpose was to shoot a video using the drone and Gopro.

Many red leaves still remained from Autumn.

Mt.chokai is one of the most famous mountains for red leaves of autumn. So that mountain is always crowded with climbers on Autumn weekends.

I like taking pictures that give an Autumn feel.

We have little time left, so we should get going.

The road was flat and extended quite a way, allowing us to walk at a fast pace.

Don’t miss it a superb view from the Ohama hut.

We arrived at the Ohama Hut after a 2 hour walk from the trailhead.

The Ohama hut is open only from early-July to mid-September.

This is a tori-i gate.

This bell has the name of the gate carved onto it.

You are able to take in breathtaking beauty from the Ohama hut.
It spreads out infinitely in front of you!

This lake called Chokai lake is 200 m in diameter , the depth is 4 m.

The view from Chokai Lake took my breath away.

Walking beautiful mountain ridge.

Passing through Ohama hut, you can enjoy panoramic views

I let out a cry of joy without thinking , while taking in the beauty.

Before I knew it, the wasn’t a cloud in the sky !

The frost on the ground had a winter feel, even though it was still Autumn.

Omuro hut

At this point, we have climbed about 3 hours from the trailhead. There is still a long way to the summit, as the rocky road extends before us.

It took 4.5 hours walk from the trailhead.

We arrived the Omuro hut.

This is the Omuro Hut, not far from the summit.

The Omuro hut is open only from early-July to mid-September.

The Omuro hut is surrounded by rocky cliffs

It felt as if we were on the clouds.

Go to the summit.

Passing through Omuro hut , It extends steep rocky slope which leads to summit.

Have to be careful.

It took about 30minutes walk from the Omuro hut ,

We finally arrived the summit !!

Mt.Chokai attract us a magnific adventure.

We suggest to go Mt.chokai with a 2 or 3 days trip.

You can visit in the Summer or Autumn. Each is strongly recommended.

The mountain decorated with Mother Nature’s greens and the Japan sea will deliver a grand adventure.

It is quite far from Tokyo however , Climbing Mt. Chokai is worth the 7 hour drive.

My description of Mt. Chokai’s beauty doesn’t do it justice,

so please watch the short video which gives a more visual experience of our hike.

It will surely inspire you to visit.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this article !


Youtube@Tokyo Climb

The movie of Mt.Chokai