Have you already seen Gâteau au chocolat in Mt.Kurofu?

I’m Erika from tokyoclimb

I went to Mt.Kurofu which is on the border between Gunma and Nagano Prefecture,nearby Takamine Kogen Hotel

This time,I went to there with Maimuna who is my friend.
Maimuna is teaching English as teacher in Japan.
Of course,I’m her student too!!!
This is second times hiking that We go together.

What is Mt.Kurofu?

Mt.Kurofu is on the border between Gunma and Nagano Prefecture.
Altitude is 2,404m.
You’ll be able to see Mt.Asama which is called The Gâteau au chocolat in there.

We’re excited to be able to see it.

【Detailed information】
Trailhead:Kuruma zaka touge
Location:Komoro-shi,Nagano prefecture.
Parking:Takamine Kogen visitor center
Parking fee:Free available 100 cars equipped with toilet(Takamine Kogen Hotel)
Access:Joushinetsu Expressway,Komoro IC→Takamine Kogen
course time:3H35m/round trip(outward 2H・Homeward 1H35m)
attentionYou have to equip crampon in winter season

The course of this time


From TokyoTo Takamine Kogen Visitor Center(By car)

Ride on Joushinetsu Expressway via to Kanetsu Expressway.and get off with Komoro IC.

There is a free parking where can be available 100cars and equipped with *toilet in Takamine Kogen visitor center.

*In winter season,Toilet is available in only Takamine Kogen Hotel.

Oficial Website:Takamine Kogen Hotel

From Tokyo To Takamine Kogen visitor center(By Train and Bus)

06:28 From Tokyo Station(Hokuriku bullet train/JR)To Sakudaira
(arrive at 07:43)Fee ¥12,680(round trip ticket Reserved seat)

08:35 From Sakudaira(Fixed-route Bus/JR)To Takamine Kogen Hotel-mae
(arrive at 09:29)fee ¥1,380(one way)

You can see detailes here JR Bus Kanto

A mountain climbing registratrion form must be submit certainly in trailhead to respond more quickly when you get lost in the mountain.This is most importantly.

Recommended Itinerary(In case of using Bus)

Take  Hokuriku bullet train (JR)

Dep 06:28 Tokyo station(JR)
Arrival 07:43 Sakudaira station(JR)


Dep 08:10 Sakudaira station(JR)
Arrival 08:20 Sakudaira station(Bus station)

Take Fixed-route Bus(JR)

Dep 08:35 Sakudaira station(Bus)
Arrival 09:29 Takamine Kogen Hotel-mae(Bus station)

Start Climbing

Dep 10:00 Kurumazaka Touge (Trailhead)
Arrival 11:40 The head of Tormmy
Dep 11:50 The head of Tormmy
Arrival 12:10 The top of Mt.Kurofu

Lunch time

Dep 12:40 The top of Mt.Kurofu
Arrival 12:55 The head of Tormmy
Dep 13:00 The head of Tormmy
Arrival 14:00 Kurumazaka Touge (Trailhead)

Onsen Time

You’ll be able to take Onsen in Takamine Kogen Hotel
Fee ¥500/person

Take Fixed-route Bus(JR)

Dep 16:19 Takamine Kogen Hotel-mae(Bus Station)
Arrival 17:30 Sakudaira(Bus Station)fee ¥1,380(one way)


Dep 17:35 Sakudaira station(Bus Station)
Arrival 17:45 Sakudaira station(JR)

Take  Hokuriku bullet train (JR)

Dep 17:57 Sakudaira station(JR)
Arrival 19:12 Tokyo Station(JR)

Get started climbing

First,We have to wear crampons.

We’re ready!!

Let’s get started!!

After entering the mountain,gentle ascents extend.

It’s considerable below freezing !!!!

Because It is less than -10 degrees today.

But,there is a brisk girl next to me.

Her hand I touched was very warm. Mai !! You’re amazing !

Walk along the snow trace.

After almost 60 min,broke out of the forest into the open.

Mt.Asama appeared briefly.

Go ahead

Arrived Yarigasaya

90 min after leaving

We arrived Yarigasaya where is in the open.

Look at beautiful Gâteau au chocolat!!

What amazing scenery Mt.Asama is !!!

The Mt.Asama like Gâteau au chocolat is really beautiful.

Well,as much as us.

Arrived The head of Tormmy

100 min after leaving,somehow,We arrived the head of Tormmy.

What is Tormmy??

I investigated but I couldn’t know.Sorry…..

Although This is not top of the mountain,You can see good scenary.

Then,Top of the mountain is soon ! !

Top of the mountain is here.

120 min after leaving,Finally,We’ve just reached at peak ! !

Altitude is 2,404m.

Moreover It’s very cold……

Mt.Asama is perfectly appearance.

It seems as if Gâteau au chocolat.

Furthermore, It’s cold here ! ! In addition, We’re hungry ! !

Therefore,We have quickly lunch.

Actually I made the Stew with rice cake last night.

But It is so cold that thermal power is not raised…..

Namely,the temperature is too cold to be boiled.

Is it good tastes??

Maybe She said”Oishii”haha.

Be careful!! The snow mountain is so cold.

Mai said that I could see the most beautiful scenery covered with snow in my japanese life.
This is more than I expected.

Of course,The stew you made is too.

Thank you Mai ! !

Especially , As this course is relativery short to climb the mountain,You can try one day trip even by using train and bus.

Also,You should wear trekking boots for snow mountain definitely.

Otherwise The sole of your feet will be in intense pain.

Because most of snow mountain is below freezing.Maybe It’ll be colder than you expected.

Be careful ! !

Hope your safely good climbing.

The movie of Mt Kurofu.