Mt.Nishio Maru is recommended for beginner of snow mountain

I’m Shinya from tokyoclimb

I’ve been to Mt.Nishiho Maru of North Alps which is located in Gifu Prefecture,nearby Okuhida Onsen.
Date:Friday 13/12/2018
I accompanied with girls who are our team member as driver and cameraman to get climbing.

Introduce Girls of Tokyo Climb

She is Erika who calls herself a actress of mountain.

She is Misa who is chief cameraman of Tokyo Climb.

Last year,They achieved to get climbing 4peaks of Tanzawa mountains in just a day.

The climbing spended almost 13 hours a day.

Since They achieved it,They is called Queen of Tanzawa.

Now that their walking ability is much stronger than me,I’m their asistant in today.

I couldn’t expect how they are disciplined.

They asked me taking a picture more beautifuly over and over again!!

Actually,I’m a beginner of snow mountain.And yet,Their demand is stern.

But,Even someone like me , can be climbed easily and safely!!

It’s Mountain Nishiho Maru.

So tell the truth,I think the Mt Nishio Maru covered with snow is easier on the my body than their demand……..

What is Mt.Nishio Maru?

Mt.Nishio Maru is located in Takayama-shi,Gifu prefecture.
Altitude is 2,462m.
It is accessible to trailhead bacause there is Shinhotaka Ropeway.

【Detailed information】
Name:Mt.Nishio Maru
Location:Takayama-shi,Gifu prefecture.
Parking:Shinhotaka Onsen
Parking fee:Fee ¥500 available 230 cars equipped with toilet
Access:Nagano Expressway,Matsumoto IC
course time:3H30m/round trip(outward 2H・Homeward 1H30m)
attentionYou have to equip crampon in winter season
Ropeway:Shinhotaka Ropeway Fee ¥2,900(Shinhotaka onsen〜Nishihotakaguchi/Round trip)

The course of this time


From TokyoTo Shinhotaka Onsen(By car)

Ride on Nagano Expressway via to Chuou Expressway.and get off with Matsumoto IC.

There is a parking where can be available 230cars and equipped with toilet in Shinhotaka Onsen Parking.

Oficial Website:Shinhataka Onsen

From TokyoTo Shinhotaka Ropeway(By Bus)

07:05 From Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal(Nomu Ezpress Bus)To Hirayu Onsen(arrive at 11:30)Fee ¥10,550(Round trip)

11:40 From Hirayu Onsen(Nomu Bus)To Shinhotaka Ropeway(arrive at 12:25)fee ¥1,780(Round trip)

You can buy a ticket here Nomu Express Bus

A mountain climbing registratrion form must be submit certainly to respond more quickly when you get lost in the mountain.

Recommended Itinerary(In case of using Bus)

As you know,It is too late arrival time to climb the mountain in case of using Bus.

Therefore,You’re needed to stay at Nishiho sansou one night.

* Nishiho Sansou is closed in Sunday and Holiday.

Recommended Itinerary in case of using Bus is below.

Take Nomu Express Bus

Dep 07:05 Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal
Arrival 11:30 Hirayu Onsen

Take Nomu Bus

Dep 11:40 Hirayu Onsen
Arrival 12:25 Shinhotaka Ropeway.

Start Climbing

Dep 13:00 Shinhotaka Onsen Station (First Ropeway).
Arrival 13:04 Nabedairakougen Station (First Ropeway).
Dep 13:15 Shirakabadaira Station(Second Ropeway).
Arrival 13:25 Nishihotaka-guchi station(Second Ropeway).
Dep 13:45 Nishihotaka-guchi station
Arrival 15:30 Nishiho Sanso

Stay one night ¥9,800 It’s preferred to reserve in advance.

Dep 05:00 Nishiho Sansou
Arrival 06:00 Top of the Mt Nishio Maru
Dep 06:30 Top of the Mt Nishio Maru
Arrival 08:00 Nishihotaka-guchi station.
Dep 08:15 Nishihotaka-guchi station(Second Ropeway).
Arrival 08:22 Shirakabadaira Station(Second Ropeway).
Dep 08:30 Nabedairakougen Station (First Ropeway).
Arrival 08:35 Shinhotaka Onsen Station (First Ropeway).

Take Nomu Bus

Dep 09:16 Shinhotaka Onsen
Arrival 09:58 Hirayu Onsen

Take Keio Express Bus

Dep 11:35 Hirayu Onsen
Arrival 16:00 Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal

Ropeway is useful!!

At this time,We went to Shinhodaka Ropeway by using our car.

We could ride the Ropeway in Shinhotaka Onsen Station at 10:00.

It’s crowded in Shinhotaka Onsen Station,There’re a lot of foreigners.

At,Nabedaira Kougen Staiton,Climber is needed to transfer Second Ropeway(Shirakabadaira Station)

We arrived at Nishihotaka Guchi Staiton.
Altitude is aready 2,000m,It spends almost 15min.too fast…..
This is the trailhead.Let’s get started!!!

Ops!!Don’t forget to write a climbing registratrion form.

Get started climbing

There are beautiful snow leaves in the road.

The Climber is needed to equipped a crampon.

Be excited!!!

First We have been climbing moderate incline for 60min.

I can wait hardly to take photos of good scenery.

Fortunately since It is not steep incline I can try taking photos of beautiful scenery.

Everything are covered with snow!!!

What amazing scenery they are!!!

Ops! I had forgotten that I’m asistant for girls.

If I forget my job to take a photo for girls,

I’ll be target so that She can throw the snowball.

So,I have to take a beautiful photo of them.

It’s my jobbbbbbbb!!!

How do you think about??

Erika and Misa are so cute!! aren’t you??

But everybody don’t know They’re slave driver…..

On the way to go Nishiho Sanso,We discover the tree which can be mesure our tall.

It has been about 90min since We departure at Nishihotaka guchi.

We had just arrived Nishiho Sanso.

Nishiho Sanso


This hut is operating even winter season.

There is a square before the Nishiho sanso where is suitable for lunch,or playing snow baseball.

That can’t be true!!

After lunch We headed to top of the Mt Nishio Maru.

On the way to the top of the mountain,We encountered good location which is suitable to take a photo and operating Drone.

What’s more, the place is near to Nishiho sansou……

We went crazy on taking photo and operating Drone.

We had so much fun that time passed too quickly.

The time was over 14:00.

Last Ropeway is 16:15…

We were faced to return to trailhead immediately…

No kidding.

We had to give up to go top of the mountain……

Be careful!! taking photos too much and operaing Drone.

We should reflect on ours past behaviour deeply.

Though that was a never-before-seen picturesquare,It is most important for climber to manage the time.

It is easy to climb Mt Nishio Maru until Nishiho Sansou by using Shinhotaka Ropeway.moreover It spends only almost 90min until The hut.Therefore We want to recommend for novice of snow mountain.But,You don’t have to forget to manege the time repeatedly.

The movie of Mt Nishio Maru