What is Mt.Karamatsu??

Altitude 2,696m
Location Kitashiro,Happo,Hakubamura,Kitaazumigun,Naganoken (parking)
(長野県 北安曇郡 白馬村 北城八方)
Course time 6.5H
Walking Pase
Day trip
Best seoson Mid June – Mid October
Difference of elevation 860m


Parking The nearest pariking lot
Happo Gondola Parking lot(八方ゴンドラ駐車場) (600yen/day)

Free parking
There are more than 5 parking lots for free.
・Happo dai ku Chushajo(Happo 9th parking lot )八方第9駐車場
・Happo dai san Chushajo (Happo 3rd parking lot ) 八方第3駐車場

Train Station Shinjuku Station (SinMinami Exit)

新宿駅 (新南口)

Bus station Busta Shinjuku (Sinjuku Expressway
Bus terminal)


Trailhead Happoike Sanso (Happo Ike hut) 八方池山荘
Hut 1.Happoike Sanso (八方池山荘)

2.Karamatsu Sanso (唐松山荘)

Challenge level Middle

The course map


Going by bus

-The way there-

Basta Shinjuku (the Shinjuku express bus terminal)
Hakuba Happo bus stop
Happo Station of Happo gondola lift ‘Adam’
Happoike Sanso (Happo pond hut)

①Basta Shinjuku

  • Located at Shinjuku New South Exit (Sin minami exit/新南口 of Shinjuku station)
  • The deperture floor is on the 4th floor
  • This Bus: Sawayaka Sinshu-go (さわやか信州号)from Alpico bus

Ticket can be bought at ticket counters. Or you can reserve the ticket through the website.Express Bus Hakuba

Fare: 6,200 yen

Time of departure: PM11:05 (You have to be there until PM10:50)
Time of arrive : AM5:45
✳︎Bus will stop rest spot  for 2 break times and driver’s nap time.
✳︎Push a button before you get off.

✳︎Most Express Buses  are equipped with toilets.

②Shirouma Happo bus stop
Walk along the pink way toward the Happo Station where you can take Happo gondola lift ‘Adam’. It takes about 8 mins.

Since  there are some maps one the way, it is not difficult to find the way to the lift station.

③To go Happo ike sanso(the trailhead) You have to change  lifts  3times.
Fare: 2,900yen(round trip)

Timetable itinerary on weekends of June-October

  • PM:10:50


    Basuta Sinjuku (a Bus terminal at south exit of Sinjuku station)

    Depertuer terminal is on the 4th floor.

    Bus tickets counter, a convenience store, and ATM  are available.

    Bus will leave at PM11:05,

    but you should be there at least 15mins before your bus leaves.

    Bus leaves exactly on time.

  • AM 5:45


    Hakuba Happo bus stop

    Happo information center is in front of the bus stop.

    (it opens at 6:00 to 18:00)

    A Small shop, toilets, ATM, bus tickets and  Free Wifi are avaival.

    There is a convenience store is 1min from there.

  • AM 8:00


    Happo Station of Happo gondola lift station ‘ADAM’

    It opens at 8:00. (It opens earlier on weekends and during summer vacation.)

    We recommend arrive before it opens,because people may make a long lines.

    It spends about 10min to walk from the Happo information center(the bus stop).

  • AM 8:10


    Usagidaira Station of Alpine Quad lift

  • AM 8:20


    Kurobishi-daira Station of Grat Quad lift

  • AM 8:30

    Happoike sanso (Happo pond hut)

    The trailhead of Mt.Karamatsu

  • AM 9:10


    Dai ni Kerun (the 2nd cairn)

    One of a landmarks

  • AM 9:35


    Happo Ike (Happo pond)

    Great view spot of Mt. Sirouma  and Happo Ike (pond)

  • AM10:25


    Oogi sekkei (Oogi snowy valley)

    One of landmarks

    snow stays all year round.

    Autumn colors are lovely around here.

  • AM10:45


    Maru yama (Mt. Maru)

    One of landmarks

    you start to walk ridge line from here.

  • AM11:30

    Karamatsudake chojo sanso (Mt. Karamatu peaks hut)

    This hut is opened only from mid-June to mid-October.(14th.Oct)

    Toilets are available during the hut is opened. 300yen for user fees.

    (No toilets outside of the hut. )

  • AM11:45


    The top of Mt.Karamatu

    LUNCH TIME for 30min.

    Leave at PM12:15

  • PM12:30

    Karamatsudake chojo Sanso (Karamatsudake chojo Hut)

    5mins.  break

  • PM 1:00


    Maruyama (Mt. Maru)

  • PM 1:40


    Dai san kerun (the 3rd cairn) Happo pond

  • PM 2:10


    Happoike Sanso (Happo pond hut)

    Toilets and a small shops is avail here.

    It’s time to take a lift and go back home.

    show your lift ticket when you get off a lift.

    The last lift leaves around at 4:30.

    Check the time before you start trekking.

  • PM 2:20


    Kurobishi-daira Station of Grat Quad lift

  • PM 2:30


    Usagidaira Station of Alpine Quad lift

  • PM 2:40


    Happo Station of Happo gondola lift station ‘ADAM’

    going back to Happo information center on foot.

  • PM 2:50

    Happo information center/ Hakuba Happo bus stop

    There is a Onsen (hot spring)  just across the road of the information center.

    Hakuba Happo onsen : http://hakuba-happo-onsen.jp/english/

    open from AM 9:00 to PM 9:30

    800 yen/person

  • PM 5:05


    Sirouma Happo bus stop

    Sawayaka Sinshugo (さわやか信州号) from Alpico BusHakuba Express bus

    ✳︎only available on weekends and summer vacation season.

    Bus leave from Sirouma Happo bus stop in front of the Happo information center at PM5:15

    Fare:4,840 yen

    ≪Other ways to going back to Tokyo≫

    PM3:55 Hakuba Happo Bus stop (alpico bus bound for Nagano station)

    PM 7:30Nagano station east exit (alpico bus bound for Sinjuku)


    Nagano Station (Shinkansen (bullet train) bound for Tokyo)

  • PM 10:30

    Basta Sinjuku (The bus terminal at Sinjuku south exit)

    Bus may be delayed depending on traffic congestion.

    There are two break time for 10mins.

Media of Mt.Karamatsu

The movie of karamatsu