What is Mt.Tsurugi??

Altitude 2,999m
Location Tateyamachi, Nakaniikawagun, Toyamaken(parking)

(富山県 中新川郡 立山町)

Distance 30km
Course time 12H
Walking Pase
Itinerary 2DAYS 4NIGHTS (In case of from Tokyo)
Best seoson Mid July- Mid October
Difference of elevation 600m
Up  1,696m
Down  1,696m
Parking Tateyama station (parking)

adress:Senjugahara, Tateyamamachi, Nakaniikawagun, Toyamaken

Free available 900 cars
Equipped toilet for 24 hours

Train Station Tateyama station (立山駅)
Bus station Bijodaira (美女平)ー Murodo terminal(室堂ターミナル)
Trailhead Murodo terminal(室堂ターミナル)

Equipped toilet and post(for trekking)

Hut 1. Tsurugi Gozen Goya (劔御前小舎)

2. TsurugiSawa  camp site (剱キャンプ場)

3. Kenzan sou(剣山荘)

Toilets and shops are available at three of them.

Challenge level

Quite Difiicult



submitting a mountain climbing registratrion form

(you can find a paper and a post at Murodo terminal)


wearing a helmet (rent at KENZAN hut. 500yen/day)

There are a lot of people who is treckking in the course.
It’s very congested.

After the middle of October,It is expected to start snowing.

Therefore If You’re not an expert,You should refrain from climbing in the snow season.It’s quite dangerous.

The course map



Taking Bus and Train

「on the  way」

  1. Shinjyuku →Toyama by taking the Night Express bus.∗
  2. Toyamaya→Murodo Terminal(Trailhead) by taking the Bus. ∗∗

∗You have any options available as choosing the Night Express Bus.As one choice,Please look over the time table below.


Latest schedule→ SEIBU Bus Toyama.Takaoka.Himi Line

∗∗You should Take the Toyama chiho Tetsudo Bus (Toyama-Murodo Line)Please look over the time table below.

Toyama-Murodo Line

Latest schedule→Toyama Chiho Tetsudo bus

「on the  way back」

  1. Murodo Terminal→Bizyodaira by taking the Bus.Tateyama Kogen Bus
  2. Bizyodaira→Tateyama Station by taking the cable car.Tateyama cable car
  3. Tateyama station→Dentetsu Toyama station by taking train.Toyamachitetsu Tateyama Line
  4. Toyama station(Near the South Exit)→Shinjuku Express Bus Terminal (Near the South Exit) Seibu Bus

Each of latest schedule

  1. Tateyama Kogen Bus/web
  2. Tateyama carble car/web
  3. Tateyamachitesu /navitime
  4. SEIBU bus/web

CATION:All schedule is subject to change.

Tangible Itinerary unti Oct.14

  • PM10:55 (pre1st day)


    Shinjuku Bus Terminal(Near the South Exit)

    Night Express Bus

    SEIBU Bus

    going toward Himi

  • AM 5:20 (1st day)


    Toyama Station Bus Terminal

    Toyama Chiho Tetsudo Bus/Toyma Murodo Line

    terminal- 2- AM 6:30Dep

    going toward Murodo

  • AM 9:00


    Murodo Terminal (TrailHead)

    Start Climing

    going toward Kenzan-Hut(剣山荘)

  • PM 1:30



    one night

  • AM 4:30 (2nd day)


    Kenzan-Hut Departure

    going toward Top of the mountain

  • AM 7:30


    Top of The Mt.Tsurugi

  • AM:1100



    on the way back

    AM11:30 Departure

    going toward Murodo TrailHead

  • PM:3:30〜4:00


    Murodo TrailHead(室堂)

    Bus terminal

    Tateyama Kogen Bus



    ②PM 04:20※

    going toward Bizyodaira(美女平)

    ※This bus is limited edition until Nov.4.

  • ①PM:4:30 ②PM5:10※ ※until Nov.4



    ※Tateyama cable car




    going toward Tateyama station

    This  bus is limited edition until Nov.4.

  • ①PM5:07 ②PM5:27※ ※until Nov.4


    Tateyama Station

    Toyama chitetsu Tateyama Line




    going toward Dentetsu Toyama station

  • ①PM6:37 ②PM7:31


    Dentetsu Toyama station

    Walking through

    going toward Toyama Bus Terminal-1-

  • ①PM6:42 ②PM7:36


    Toyama Station Bus terminal-1-(Near the South Exit)

    SEIBU Bus

    Toyama・Takaoka・Himi Line(Last Bus)



    going toward Tokyo (Shinjuku)

  • AM6:25 (post-2nd day)

    Shinjuku Express Bus terminal(Near the South Exit)

Photos of Mt.Tsurugi