What is Daisen??

Altitude 1,714m
Location Oyama,Oyama-cho,Saihaku-gun,Tottori-ken(parking)

(鳥取県西伯郡大山町大山 )

Distance 7.8km(course of Natsuyama)
Course time 6H
Walking Pase
Itinerary 3DAYS(In case of from Tokyo)
Best seoson June-November
Difference of elevation 935m
Up 958m
Parking Nankogawara Parking


Free available 58cars
Equipped toilet and post(for trekking)

Train Station JR Yonago station(米子駅)
Bus station Daisenji(大山寺)
Trailhead Natsuyama Trailhead(夏山登山口)
  1. Rokugome Hinangoya(Nobody)
    For Escape(6合目避難小屋/無人)
  2. Hut of top
    there is the hut in top of the Mt.
    Available shop, equipped toilet
Challenge level Easy-Middle

There are a lot of people who is treckking in the course.
It’s very congested.

The course map



Taking train and bus

  1. Your place(arround the tokyo)→Shinagawa Station-by taking the train.
  2. St.Shinagawa→St.Yonago by taking Night Express Bus.
  3. St.Yonago→Daisen-ji temple(Near the Natsuyama-trailhead)by taking Bus ∗∗

You should Take the Nihon Kotsu Night Express Bus (Yonago •Tokyo Line)Please look over the time table below.

High speed Bus (Depart)/Shinagawa

High speed Bus(Return)/Yonago

refer to Nihon Kotsu Kosoku Bus

∗∗You should Take the Nihon Kotsu Bus (Hongu •Daisen Line)Please look over the time table below.

Nihon Kotsu Bus(Depart)Yonago

Nihon Kotsu Bus(Return)Daisen-ji temple

refer to Hongu•Daisen Line(本宮•大山線)

There’re another transportation limited edition from Yonago station to Daisen-ji temple .You should check below.

Depending on the season,You may be able to save money for transportation!!

  • Daisen loop Bus(Oct.20-Nov.04)Fee ¥1,000(Round trip fee and free pass)

Yonago loop bus

Daisen-ji temple loop bus

refer to daisen loop bus

  • A fixed taxi(until Nov.30 only when there is not Daisen loop bus) Fee ¥2,800/one way ticket

usage→fixd taxi

Please call Daisen visitor center 0859-52-2502 for more information.


All schedule is subject to change.

Tangible Transpotaion(week day) As a example Dep. Asakusa

  • PM 7:04


    St.Asakusa (Toei Asakusa Line rapid )


    Platform 1

    going toward Misaki guchi(三崎口)

  • PM 7:27




    Takanawa Exit

    walk toward Shinagawa Bus terminal about 5-10min

  • PM 7:35


    Shinagawa Bus station(Night Express bus)

    Yonago-Tokyo Line 006

    PM 8:25Dep

    going toward Yonago

  • AM 7:05


    Before St.Yonago(Yonago Bus terminal)

    Hougu•Daisen Line

    Platform 4 AM 7:20 Dep

    going toward Daisen-ji temple

  • AM 8:15

    Daisen-ji temple(near the Natsuyama Trailhead)


    To return to Yonago Station,You should check Return Bus time table in advance.

    It depends on the season.

    All schedule is subject to change.

Media of Daisen

The movie of Daisen